Saturday, April 7, 2012


Lady GoGo
Wee One

Do not let the photos fool you - at this very minute, Sweet Pea, she of the above nicknames, is tearing apart a cardboard box - by herself. 
The only thing I'm concerned about is her lack of food drive. 
She's a BEAGLE, for goodness sake; she's supposed to want to eat to the death before stopping.   
                 Tried a new food this evening after coming home to her and a full food bowl. 
She ate everything and more. Soon, will take everyone outside for last call. 
She'll have one more chance to eat tonight. 
And then, she'll do this:

Have a happy and blessed Easter and Passover!



  1. From the mom - oh is Sweet Pea so d@m& cute - she really reminds me so much of my Shasta when she was that age. Love those pictures - keep'em coming please.
    Mom Kim

  2. Apparently cardboard boxes are great fun to tear apart! I honestly had no idea, before Elka, that such was the case.

  3. Ha!Ha! Sweet Pea really is the picture of innocence isn't she. I never would have thought hounds would be picky but our late basset Barney was such a picky eater it drove me nuts! Sweet Pea really does have a beautiful face! Have a Happy Easter!!

  4. Lovely bloggy, we can't wait to read more,

    we also love your nicknames ;)


  5. Hey Sweet Pea,

    Great bit of Mischief with the cardboard box buddy - isn't it fun?! :)

    But you know, food really is much more tasty!! :)

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  6. My dogs are not real excited eaters either; I think they sometimes just need a change of pace!

  7. I'm glad she's eating somthing besides cardboard!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  8. My dogs are ravenous eaters & I am always surprised when one of the fosters does not gobble down their food. I am just used to everyone woofing their food lickety split. Eat your food Sweet Pea :)