Sunday, March 11, 2012

Farrah Adopted

Last week was a bit bizarre. I worked my shifts but they were split and not by days but by one day, so I spent most of my off time catching up on sleep which I denied myself between those shifts. Each was extremely busy the first 4 hours, which was good as it got my adrenalin up and kept me awake the entire time.

After the second shift, I had my second wind so I met a friend for breakfast, checked on an adoption app at a vet's and walked into Busch Pet Products with other friends and one of their foster puppies (she failed - they're keeping her). She was so tired, she valiantly tried to stay upright and awake but slowwlly, slowwly, sank into slumber. We debated about putting a Puppy Alert sign up like those wet floor signs.

All that is preamble. The news, the NEWS, is my sweet Farrah, she of the Fostering Farrah blog when she lived with Susan and her dog crew, is ADOPTED. I adopt dogs out all the time; why is she so special?

At distance - for months, I could not touch her body.
Farrah has been at Silverwalk Hounds for 4 years. She wasn't adoptable for the first two due to the abuse she had suffered. Being the lady she is, she has transcended that period in her life to shine in dog class, take on the Mississippi River (Farrah is a water hog!), go hiking with Susan and her crew in the woods and now, at long last, allow herself to be found by her forever home. She needs to be with another dog and she is - a lovely, fluffy Beagle named Hugo. They are about the same age and look like they will do just fine.

Farrah, Hugo and K., her new mom!
So, when I wasn't fighting sleep and work, I was processing this most precious of adoption applications, sometimes in belief, sometimes in disbelief. All dogs deserve their own homes - Farrah above all.  And she's keeping her name!

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  1. That's great news! I always love to hear these stories, especially for the dogs that didn't appear to have a chance, at least at one time.

  2. Awesome! Congratulations to Farrah!

  3. Great news!! Bless you Farrah!!

  4. Oh I am so happy for Farrah! YaY! Times like this must make your heart swell even more!

  5. Congratulation Farah :)
    Finding a loveable house always a great news to share.

  6. Yay, Farrah! I truly believe there's a home out there for every dog; if only we as a society gave all of them more time to find it. Thank you for taking as much time as was needed for this special girl.

  7. Woohooo!!! So happy to hear this wonderful news!!!

  8. *clapping paws* That's wonderful news! Congratulations Farrah on your furever home!!!

  9. Woohoo!! That makes me wag big time!!

    So happy Farrah has found the loving home she deserves - huge wags to you too for all your work - you rock!! :)

    Have a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  10. I can't even imagine what mix of joy and loss must accompany adopting out a dog that's been in foster care for 4 years. This must have been an excellent home indeed for you to let precious Farrah go after such a hard start in life.

  11. Farrah, congratulations on finding your furever home from a fellow rescue doggie!