Thursday, April 15, 2010

Calling your Attention to....

Dog Rescuer's Life is a blog I follow daily.  Amy has tons of information, support and yes, rants.  She allows those of us in rescue & sanctuary to vicariously rant and rave about stupid simply by reading her blog.  Recently she was interviewed by the Pet Talk Blog.  Here is the link: I encourage everyone to read her interview, then THINK about what she is saying.  No, we are not all rescuers, work in shelters or have sanctuaries.  However, we all have been given the gift of a mind which can take in information.  USE IT.   The animals, earth and your fellow humans will thank you for your applied, knowledgeable compassion.  Thanks, Amy!

Silverwalk is a small, private, licensed dog sanctuary in Cape Girardeau County, MO. It specializes in Beagles, other hounds and senior dogs. There are always dogs needing adoption and sponsorship. Please see Silverwalk Beagle & Hound Sanctuary, Inc. for more information about Silverwalk and our dogs needing homes.


  1. Just dropped by the blog and left a note of encouragement. I know all too well the heartache and exhaustion and worry - yet exhilaration of rescue.

  2. Thanks for the note! Yes, we cannot forget the exhilaration. I was able to sit outside at late sunset till the stars came out, just watching and monitoring the pack in the twilight. Sweet.