Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Connor - an answer to prayer?

Silverwalk is a small, private, licensed dog sanctuary in Cape Girardeau County, MO. It specializes in Beagles, other hounds, and senior, special needs dogs. There are always dogs needing adoption and sponsorship. Please see our website for more information about Silverwalk and our dogs needing homes.

What a week. One needs to be very careful about what one prays for, as God does answer prayer yet not always in the form one envisions :). I have been needing to start a regular exercise program; no, the dogs and work are not enough, well, most of the dogs.....so I was sent Connor, a blue tick Coonhound who is drop dead handsome and as nice as he is good looking. He is also very athletic after having been saved by his rescuers from starvation and heart worms. YESH, Joyce and Bill! He doesn't seem to want to hunt so much as to visit which, of course, entails getting over the 4 ft. fence - with ease, I might add. Connor is now on a twice a day walk - which is where my new exercise regimen comes in :). He enjoys the company of the pack as well as anyone else he meets. He let Joyce's grandchildren play on, under and around him, pulling those gorgeous soft black ears w/o batting an eye. Seems a bit gun shy which is probably why he was lost.

BTW, PLEASE assume any dog you find wandering first is lost. Check for microchips, list in local papers, list on Craig's list, call the Humane Society or your local pound/shelter and give them a found report. By law, a dog cannot be re-homed for 5 days w/o attempting to find the owner. Hounds can travel miles out of their normal territory so don't be discouraged if no one responds immediately. Their family may be several counties away! Check Petfinder, Adopt-A-Pet and other Internet resources who list lost and found dogs as well.

Back to Connor - whoever bred him by intent or accident bred a most superb dog. Anyone w/children who loves hounds needs this dog! He has been accepted by American Black and Tan Rescue, http://www.coonhoundrescue.com/CONNOR.html, for whom I am fostering him - and getting much needed exercise in the process....

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